Friday, October 9, 2009

Green with envy.

And over a fictional character too. Do you ever ask yourself, “If I could be anyone, who would it be?” I do all of the time but I think I’ve found a new answer and here it is: If I could be anyone, fictional or not, I would be Pam Beesly from The Office. And here is the reason why:


This past week, Jim and Pam got married. As much as I love them as a couple, and I truly do, the stupid part of me pouted and whined “Why not me?” I mentally groaned in jealousy when Jim cut his tie in half after Pam ripped her veil and got upset. It was just so sweet. You can see the love in his eyes and smile when he talks about/looks at her. I now have a quest in life. I must find a Jim Halpert.

I know I’m young and have little experience in the dating field, but majority of the guys I know are either total jerks or simply immature. And it makes me wonder if Jim’s are a rare type of man. Maybe once some of these guys grow into their twenties they’ll be different. But still… it’s the equivalent of Where’s Waldo, but the picture is the size of an SUV. And I actually feel like finding the guy. Pathetic, isn’t it?

And now you’re going to laugh at me really hard because I found out something new while looking for a picture for this blog. John Krasinski, the actor who plays Jim, is engaged to Emily Blunt. I don’t really know much about her, though I’ve heard of her. All I know is I want to hear him say my name. I’m so corny.

So this is a short but sweet one today. I needed to get my love for the Big Tuna off my chest. I really cannot think of a better example of the closest to perfect a man can get. He’s just so sweet, and funny, and… well, look at him. :P Way too adorable for his own good. And despite two searches on youtube, I can’t find him saying “Emily”. Ah… the hunt continues… ;]


  1. well em, you are off to a good start by liking a 'nice' guy... there is a saying that 'nice guys finish last'... but we know the truth - you just have to get to know people... the nice guys are not the ones grabbing attention and being loud... so you have to use your esp to find them... good news is that you are a sensitive and creative person, so that you are paying attention to who and what are around you anyway... while the 'bad' boys are edgy, it's the nice ones that you can often open your heart to more easily & have it be safe... finding love is not a sprint, it's a marathon... and being in relationships can fine tune your abilities to see someone in a realistic light **many people only see what they wish that person was like if only... ** so your journey begins... but it is good that you have an idea of what kind of a man you are looking to be with... like anything else in life, you draw to yourself what you are putting out there... be true always to who you are and have limits as to what you will accept in behavior... xoox
    and, yes, the things they had jim do and say made me cry too! he is sweet, and so is pam... and there you have it ~

  2. haha, he is my favorite on the show too! I find him quite dreamy, so definitely have fun looking for him in the real world :) Also, many thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog about the Egyptian charms.

  3. I'm certainly looking out hahaha. The bad ones are overrated and... frustrating. And exactly. That's why they're perfect together. XD

    And Beth, he really is. And no problem; they're gorgeous.

  4. You're on the right track, girly. Stick with funny and cute. Who needs the rippling muscles? They just fade over time anyway. The "Big Tuna" is my favorite too. I love it when he picks on Dwight.

  5. Almost died when I saw this picture of my Jim Halpert. Yes, I've name him my own. The one that would be my guy if I could have anyone in the world. I'll let you borrow him this one day. I don't mind. But just keep in mind, he is mine and only a loaner.
    Nice guys are out there. I married one. You'll find one too. And it will probably be just like Jim and Pam. Where he's there, always, every day but one day you'll realize it. :) Good luck in your quest.

  6. Hey chicky! Lovin that new hair color! It rocks just like you!

  7. Leslie, That's so true about muscles haha. I've kind of always like the skinnier ones anyway. Edward Norton was the highlight male of Fight Club for me, despite Brad Pitt's... well everything. And his jokes on Dwight are golden. I love the whole "Bears. Beets. Battle Star Galactica." thing. Classic.

    And Lorelei, just fair warning but I can be a klepto when it comes to amazing men people lend me. ;] And thanks for the reassurance and well wishes. :P I need it.

  8. Oh, and Leslie, thank you for the compliment on my hair. :]